Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ben Howard and Mary Royer - Married at last!

I first met Mary Royer at a family Christmas party where, during the gag gift exchange, her son saw my contribution: a Spiderman Ninja Dagger display. His eyes lit up and no-one, but no-one, interfered with his grasp of the prize. Good times!
She was Ben's date and seemed very cheerful. Now it seems they are married, thanks to a short and very idiosyncratic ceremony in Snohomish Saturday. There will be lots of photos elsewhere but all I can say is welcome! and thanks for including me in this celebration.
As my nephew Dan said in his speech as Groomsman, we are a diverse bunch and love to include even more in the family.
This was a good time to reconnect with family members I hadn't really chatted with since the fraught-ness of mother's passing. A good greeting whenever you see a sister is "You look good in that color!" - whatever she is wearing, she thinks she looks good in it and it starts the conversation out with a positive.
The ceremony was at a farm in Snohomish, which is well set up for parties. We mingled in the barn (or technically a barn-like structured - the rafters were modern pressboard with the manufacturer's URL printed on them!) and beer in hand I tried to meet everyone. I don't remember anyone's name, but that's not the point!
When my niece Angelina came through telling us all to take seats, I went outside and on the way to the ceremony the first seat was a children's horse toy, so I took a seat - as instructed!

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