Saturday, May 17, 2014

Political Memes this week ...

It was an AWESOME week for political memes....
Ann Coulter mocked
the worldwide movement
condemning the kidnap,
rape and threatened sale
of young women in Nigeria ...
Global Warming is Having Its Impact -
Extreme Weather Of All Kinds

Marco Rubio responded to announcement
That the West Antarctic Glacier was Collapsing
With the Gutless Denialism
Required by Today's GOP

Operation American Spring brought on the CRAZY!!! with "10 to 30 MILLION marchers scheduled to overthrow the democratically elected government, in the name of our Constitution (...and forgetting that if Obama, Biden, Boehner and Reid resigned, the Presidency would go to .... Secretary of State John Kerry. So maybe it was his idea all along?)

Football Player Michael Sams Kissed His Boyfriend
And Made Conservatives Cry!

But There Is Always One Thing We Can Count On!

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