Monday, January 21, 2013

Sifting The Pantry: A #CTWW Challenge

One Benefit Of Organizing The Pantry!
This week's Change The World Wednesday Challenge is:

"This week choose one area of your home (a closet, drawer, cupboard, etc.) and organize it. ...."
I made a start on this Saturday morning, while the Lovely Wife was sleeping in, which is her right on the weekend. Our pantry has a tendency to fill up, because we like to buy in bulk anything that doesn't spoil quickly, especially when there's a sale. Unfortunately that means we get layers of stuff, as we shelf the new items in the front, pushing the older stock back. The "layers" are vertical in nature, like sedimentary rocks that have tilted upwards.
I took out my conceptual pickax and started prospecting. Sifting through multiple jars of artichoke hearts and cans of garbanzos, I stuck treasure:  scone mix! In the past, this probably would have settled to the back of the pantry and years later been discarded as stale, so I pulled it out, mixed it up and stuck it in the oven. When it came out, what joy! Scones with butter and jam make a Saturday brekfast that pleases The Lovely Wife (no need to tell her how easy it was!)
I think every Saturday I shall go prospecting in the pantry until the mine is played out!


Small Footprints said...

Sedimentary rocks that have tilted upwards ... that is quite a pantry image. :-) Finding useable treasures is one of my favorite results of decluttering. When I buy things I'm POSITIVE that I'll use them soon but ... outta sight, outta mind. Thanks for the reminder that there are treasures lurking on our shelves. And mums the word ... won't breathe a word to your wife about how easy the scones were to make. :-)

CelloMom said...

I'm not sure whether to chuckle or to shudder at the geological timescales implied by your sedimentary rock metaphor - most appropriate in the case of my pantry! Hm, better do something about that...