Friday, December 28, 2012

Free, On-Demand #MCLE For Last-Minute Education

In many jurisdictions, attorneys can use free, on-demand recordings to earn CLE credit before year-end. Here's a selection specifically designed to satisfy Washington State's maximum allowance of 22.5 AV credits per three-year period. It should also be useful for attorneys in many other states; PLI and Lexvid courses in particular are usually accredited in most mandatory CLE states.

1. Ethics

The elusive ethics credit is called by a variety of names in different states, e.g. Professionalism.

2. Any Subject (But Only 2 Credits)

If you want your free CLE to address a particular subject matter, you can find the broadest possible selection from two providers who offer a free program just for registering with them. Programs after the 1st one will cost you, but I just don't see a downside to trying these offers!
  • offers one free program (1 credit) just for registering! 
  • offers one free program (1 credit) just for registering!

3. Subject Matter Potpourri

Here are more than 20 credits from free, On-Demand MCLE accreditted in Washington State and several other states.

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