Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nuns On The Bus!

Just when you think the world is ruled by cynicism, along comes Nuns On The Bus!
I'm Catholic: born, baptised, raised, sent to the seminary, and wandered in the wilderness. I'm real old-school; the Council of Nicaea was a huge mistake, aligning the Church with the Empire and things haven't gotten much better since. Today's official Church is ruled by a faction selected by the simonistic Vow of Obedience, not piety or spirituality, and it shows in its structural mysogyny, homophobia and protection of rapists.
Take, for example, the practice of awarding God's Foregiveness to horrible crimes without requiring a minimal act of repentance. No Church concerned with actual spirituality can declare a person is free of sin who walks away from theft and rape without turning their body over to the civil authorities for legal punishment, but in fact, the Church has a policy of doing so.
In other areas, the Church allies itself with the forces of Mammon. A majority of "Justices" on our Supreme Court are Catholic, and most of them there regularly legislate to limit the rights of We The People to govern ourselves.
Other political Catholics talk of faith and attack the poor, arguing that we should have more prayer and less action. Perhaps they reason that "the poor shall always be with you" fighting poverty is wrong.
It's enough to make one dispair of the Church; but of course, dispair is not an option. Indeed it's a sin in itself!
Hope arrive Nuns on the Bus tour.In the tradition of wandering preachers criticizing our rules, they expose the anti-Christian and immoral policies embodied in, for example, the Ryan budget.
I don't know how all this will turn out, but it's nice to see!

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