Thursday, August 04, 2011

100 Per Cent Solutions

Things that We The People both need and deserve:
  1. 100% self-government: every adult should vote in every election. Even people who I think are wrong must have their voice.
  2. 100% employment: everyone who wants a job should have a job that helps them feed their family.
  3. 100% transparency: in government and public works, information that affects the public must be known to the public. There are very very few exceptions with respect to security, quite a bit more with respect to personal privacy.
  4. 100% independence in energy and strategic materials: Currently we import all our personal computers, which puts us at the mercy of ... who?
  5. 100% public safety (police, fire, disaster preparedness and response)
  6. 100% health coverage: if you're sick, we heal you. It's basically public safety on the retail level.
  7. 100% food coverage: if you're hungry, you get fed. If this is because you don't have a job, see above.
  8. 100% education: If you have the ability and the will to study to become a doctor, then we send you to medical school because that's good for our whole nation.
  9. 100% access to justice: If you have a legal dispute, our legal system helps you get a fair shake. You might lose (after all, sometimes you are in the wrong!) but you don't get over just because the other side can afford a lawyer and you can't.
  10. 100% care:  our elderly, disabled and children. My friends, this is called "civilization". We do not let our helpless die in the gutter.
Some people may complain: "That's not practical!" but so what? complainers never achieved anything. A goal must be high to be worth attaining. And sometimes: you meet your goal.
Some people may complain: "We can't afford that!" but they are wrong on the facts. We are the richest nation on earth, and every single item above makes us richer. An unemployed person has the ability to do more, but not the opportunity. We cannot afford NOT to set 100% goals.

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