Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Activism Fun: a Change The World Wednesday Challenge

The current Change the World Wednesday Challenge gave us a lot of choices:
"This week, become an activist. Please take some kind of action (letter writing, phone calls, petitions, etc.) designed to encourage a business, community, government, etc. to make a positive change. Need some ideas? Here you go..."
PRO TIP: taking positive action is fun! Instead of sitting around, watching TV and being passive, you can exercise your mind checking out worthy causing and taking a little action!
My current favorite virtual reality activism is The Progressive Slate where I can help raise money for progressive causes with the click of a mouse. Every day, I get one email from them with clickthrus; it's a nice, short coffee break during which I make my small contribution to worthy causes AND I learn a little bit about them. It keeps the mind fresh to be always learning!
Today I also enjoyed noodling through the links that the Challenge offered , and decided to spend a little time on http://oceana.org/. There's no substitute for F2F, everyday human contact whereever you go, and whereever you are, but if where you are is stuck in front of a computer, taking a moment to be active can be fun!

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Small Footprints said...

You know ... I hadn't thought about it but it's true ... checking out these petition sites is educational. There are many issues that I might not otherwise know about and I often follow up on what I read to find out everything I can learn (being a cynic, I always need both sides of the story ... lol). Thanks for another wonderful post!