Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election Day: Open Post

Vote today, if you haven't already!

This post is a scrapbook of observations and links from today's election.

My niece reports casting her first ballot. Washington State went to all mail-in voting (with a few exceptions) this year, so we can take our time pondering the issues. She reportedly took a couple of hours to think it through carefully. Well done!

”kingKing County has a nice "I voted" badge. I hope counties do too. Go earn yours and display it with pride!

Twitter has a delightful #iVoted tag.

The Rossi whining has already begun. On a personal level, it's understandable; he lost in an insanely close race years ago, and that's gotta hurt. He blamed King County for his problem, which is a lot easier than admitting that when he sued, all the evidence submitted of voting irregularities pointed to a few Republicans (and one Libertarian) who'd cast illegal ballots (including one poor guy who cast his dead wife's ballot. She was a GOP PCO.) If you want people to believe you, Dino, you need to bring EVIDENCE!

That race spotlighted the need for reforms, such as a statewide database of voters. In 2008, only 2 out of several hundred thousand ballots cast in King County were unaccounted for, and in 2009 the record was perfect. So Rossi's free to exercise his right to sue if he loses ... although considering the flood of money he's getting from Karl Rove's secret donors, he's got a good shot at outpolling Patty Murray by demonizing her support for projects such as the Hansen dam repair ... but Patty Murray should welcome any evidence-based lawsuit. Facts have a well-known liberal bias.

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