Thursday, June 17, 2010

Car Trunk Contents

  • Jumper cables. An absolute necessity, these enable you to help other people and, occasionally, get help yourself. Just remember to check in advance which terminal on your battery is positive; it's not well marked on my new battery. "Positive to positive, negative to ground!"
  • Fire extinguisher. I've never needed it and, as long as I keep it properly charged, I hope it'll stay this way.
  • Bags. At least 2 large shopping bags, either cloth reusable or paper from the last time we forgot cloth. Also several of the little plastic bags for veggies. They're very reusable! And not only does their reuse save resources, some stores give a bag credit on them!
  • Small folding shovel. This was a big deal when I lived in New England, as digging out of snow happened a lot. Here in Washington State, I suppose I should let this one go.
  • Cartoon. Contains all the above in a neat package.
  • Empty space. This may be the most important element of all. Nothing weighs nothing and thus costs me nothing in milage.

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