Saturday, February 13, 2010

God vs. Coca-Cola

The Christian God has, in two thousand years, persuaded less than half of the planet that he is the One True God.

Frankly, Coca-Cola has a better record of market growth in a short time. The Christian God cannot be said to have made His Case clearly since it is, on the evidence, not terribly persuasive. Indeed, it's not even the most rapidly growing religion today.

Thus if, upon my demise, I were to be confronted by the Christian God demanding why I did not prostrate myself before Him, I must in honesty reply just as I would to the God of the Zoroastrians: "Sir, you failed to provide the proof that would persuade a reasonable man, and as evidence I offer the fact that most reasonable men have not been persuaded."

The True God is not unreasonable.


Ashlee said...

Haha. This is too ridiculous NOT to comment! For one, the Triune God does not NEED to persuade anyone of anything; but it can be said that He decided, in His holy nature, to come down as a man to die for the sins of the world to ‘persuade’ eternal salvation to those that are willing to accept it. To compare God with a consumer product is just asinine, but may God forgive you because you obviously speak out of ignorance. Coca-Cola is marketed by an advertising company that gets paid to make sure consumers far & wide will purchase their product. They do not adhere to moral standards in their advertising practices, and they market a product that clearly would be popular with today’s average, over-indulgent consumer. God, on the other hand, is a holy and righteous Person; therefore He needs not sugarcoat His messages so that mere human beings will accept it. He is the Creator of heaven & earth; do you honestly think that He needs anything from us? Not at all. However, in His wonderful mercy and kindness, He longed to turn us from our blatant disobedience by showing us that He truly loves us and that His way leads to life; while the latter leads to eternal tribulation. He proved that when He kicked us out of the Garden of Eden, because since then the world and everything in it has been struck with sickness. We are slowly dying inside. He even proves it in plant life. As a fruit-bearing tree ages, the less good fruit it produces. For that reason, grafting is vital in agriculture; likewise the grafting of the Lord Jesus into our lives is necessary for us to escape our remuneration for sin (which is death) and to become alive in the spirit. I pray that God shows you His light and love so that you can turn from your skepticism, because all that does is harden your heart and push you further and further away from the Truth. God bless you all!

rewinn said...


The Christian God has had a 2,000-year head start on Coca-Cola, and is omniscient besides. Surely He could have persuaded a majority of reasonable people in that time, especially since He and Coke are not in direct competition.

Pilgrim said...

I see the humor in this. While it boils down to God not having to prove his existence, much like when Lucifer tempted Christ to leap from the Cliff because surely if he were the son of God he would be spared. Had Christ done so, he would have proven that faith is not needed. The lesson here is that it takes faith. Faith in God and why is something that no man can convince another. It is something special, divine and personal that can only be experienced between said individual and God...thus bringing the peace that passes understanding. All one man can do is to plant a seed, it is God who will take that seed and grow it into a mighty tree on his own terms, plan and will for his child. All that aside, I like Coca Cola very much especially with rum. Rum and coke requires no faith, just a glass with some ice.

rewinn said...

A Coca-Cola now and then just hits the spot, I don't know why and I don't need to know, I guess!

I didn't mean to offend Christians with this post, although I see how it could offend. I had wasted a day discussing the Bible with people who ended up denouncing serious Bible scholarship as being, I dunno, somehow elitest.

Whatever The Truth may be, I'm sure God has a great sense of humor and can survive a poke from me. I mean, just look at humanity and tell me that some of His work doesn't make ya laugh!

Pilgrim said...

Sure God has a sense of humor, just look at me. When I talk to me (everyday) I call him by two names...Father and Dude.

I'm not offended. People often ask why I am as hard as I am on Christians as I am and the answer is simple. I have more in common with sinners and they are easier to reach than hypocrites and the self righteous.

There is something to gained here, but I'm not sure what it is exactly.

Maybe The original Coca Cola (God) which many people find refreshing and the New Coke (Jesus) which many often and ignore...personally, I like the new coke. : )

Ashlee said...

I came to check and see if you posted my comment and I am surprised that you did! I commend you for showing every side of the argument. I also wanted to say that I am not offended at all - I realize that many people are not going to understand the salvation of God, since many of us today (even Christians) want to conform God to what WE want Him to be. Our human nature leads us to think that God would have compassion on us even as we sin because He will be able to understand why we do the things we do; but unfortunately that is not the case. Jesus Christ can understand, though, because he was a man himself; so he knows what it is to be a human and to have temptations come His way. The point of prostrating yourself at Jesus' feet, is to show Him that you understand you are a sinner at heart and to show Him that you would like Him to enter your life and to transform your heart/spirit so much that it will eventually match His Spirit. It isn't an overnight experience, in fact it takes years sometimes, but as long as you continue to show God that you will endure with faith, then you are on the right track and you WILL see Jesus' life manifest through you. I am sure God does have a sense of humor, but definitely not when it has to do with salvation. He does not want to see anyone go to hell (in fact I believe it crushes His Spirit) but He simply cannot deal with sin. Of course Christians are sinners as well and will continue to sin until they are transformed in the next life, but the only difference is that we have the blood of a Savior to cover that sin and to make us anew. If you look back into Genesis, you will find that God declared Abraham righteous SIMPLY because he had faith in God. THAT is amazing to me!! I pray that everyone knows the fullness, peace & love that only HE can offer, because there is just NOTHING that compares!! God bless!!!! <3

rewinn said...

Hi Ashlee!

I appreciate the fact that, although we don't agree, you are polite and non-abusive. If I talked only with people I agree with, I would never learn anything.

Or, to repeat an old joke:

"As Ole Jock lay dying, the village priest made one last attempt.

"After a lifetime of denial, do you at last accept Our Lord?" said Father O'Conlin.

"Aye, Father, it be time I do."

"And do ye renounce the Devil?"

"Nay, Father, at this time I kinna afford tae offend anyone."