Monday, October 05, 2009

#ConservativeBible: Twitter vs Conservapedia


LONG STORY: Twitter "hashtags" are short phrases preceded by a hash mark, that facilitate searching for topical twitters. For example, if you're interested in widgets, search for "#widget"; if you're twittering about widgets and want like-minded people to notices, include the hash tag. There are popular made-up hash tags usefully gain currency as well, such as #p2 for "Progressive".

So .... when conservapedia ( a wiki that decided wikipedia was overly dominated by liberals ... cuz you know, reality has a pronounced liberal bias!) decided that all existing bible translations had a liberal bias (kinda like wikipedia....) and announced it was launching an effort to PURGE THE BIBLE of its LIBERAL BIAS (...I shit you not!) naturally the web reacted.

With mockery.

On Twitter, someone started posting with a helpful #ConservativeBible and within minutes there were hundreds of contributions. Most were pretty funny. You can see what's current (but there is not gaurantee WHAT is there at this instant):


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