Thursday, August 13, 2009

Deathers: Right Anger, Wrong Target

Deathers (and for that matter Birthers too) have a right to be afraid.

People afraid of Death Panels and demanding to see Obama's birth certificate have seen their jobs shipped overseas, their pensions raped by CEOs, their healthcare costs are going insane so health insurers can make hundreds of billions by denying care.

If they change jobs, any problem they have at the moment is excluded by "previously existing condition" language. And if their current job is shipped to China, they lose their insurance ... and the next job doesn't have it.

American productivity is UP and wages are DOWN. One Third of all wage income is now earned by One Percent; the rest is spread among the 99 percent that are still employed. And that doesn't cover benefits, such as corporate jets and hookers.

So the Deathers have a right to be afraid. And angry.

But the problem is not Obamacare or HR3200 or whatever.

They got screwed by the current system. So why are they defending it?

Fear makes people stupid.


UPDATED: you know what's really stupid: Sarah Palin endorsed the same end-of-life planning that she now denounces as "Death Panels", in her Health Decisions Day proclamation April 16, 2008.

The original link on the Alaska state website has been moved to here.

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