Monday, March 09, 2009

Technophobia vs. TelePrompters: A Comic Scandal

The reichwing is outraged that President Barack Obama uses a teleprompter. He uses it a lot, probably more than any president before him. Why is this a scandal to them?

The simple fact is that when you give a speech, you have notes. You used to write them on paper, and look down from time to time to refresh your memory. The TelePrompter is just better technology than 3x5 cards. That's all.

Yet the Party of Antiscience hates Obama using the TelePrompter. Why? Are they just Luddites?

After all, during his epic CPAC rant, Rush Limbaugh read off paper (when he looked up and got away from reading, he started inventing new words for our Constitution.) So maybe the reichwing is just wedded to dead trees. (George Washington NEVER used a teleprompter! Teleprompters are not in our Constitution!!!)

Or are they just trying to portray Obama as out-of-touch with the average person, who doesn't have a TelePrompter. Obama's extremely popular, in large part because he's very genuine, and he actually listens to people. So it's important to the reichwing to attack him on his genuineness.

Funny thing: young people don't fear technology. We (I'm speaking of youth as a attitude, not an age) don't fear tech. Teleprompters are obviously better than notecards, so why not use them?

Meanwhile, courtesy of John Aravosis on Americablog, we see some other examples of Telepromter use:

Well Done Sir!


"President George W Bush's phonetic teleprompter revealed"

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Small Footprints said...

Truthfully, I got to love a guy who embraces technology ... as well as new ideas ... new ways of doing things ... and oh, like you said ... who listens. Mr. Obama is a refreshing change. Maybe the reichwing is just jealous! :)

BTW ... hope you'll be celebrating Earth Hour 2009. :)

Small Footprints