Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Don't Go To Law School: Be A Clerk!

I like being a lawyer. You might like it too. But if you become a lawyer the same way I did, and as nearly everyone else does, you will pay a fantastic amount of money for an academic program almost completely unrelated to what lawyers actually do.

Then you'll take bar exam prep class, because law school does not prepare you to pass a bar exam.

Then you'll take a bar exam.

Then, you'll be fully licensed to practice law and, like most young lawyers, almost completely unprepared ... which we know to be true because in states such as Washington, you must take ADDITIONAL LEGAL COURSEWORK before being able to practice law on your own!

You can do better!

Why not become a lawyer the same way as Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson did: not through law school, but through supervised experience!

Washington State has a program, authorized by Licensing Rule 6, that provides for any college graduate of good moral character basically to apprentice into the law. You study hard while working as a law clerk. At the end of the program, you take the same Bar Exam as anyone else and, when successful, become a lawyer (a) free of the crushing burden of law school loans, and (b) actually knowing how to file a motion at a courthouse!

Get started!
You have to take responsibility for researching your options, but here's some places to start:
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